TZATZIKI 3.00€ The classic Hellenic dip! Diced cucumber, fresh yogurt and garlic, seasoned with cracked black pepper and drizzled with our organic olive oil.

SCORDALIA 3.00€ The Hellenic Viagra! A traditional Hellenic starter with a twist. Creamed potatoes, infused with a purée of local garlic, vinegar and olive oil.

BEETROOT SALAD 3.00€ Local, thick cut beetroot mixed with yogurt vinegar and olive oil. An option of walnut topping is available.

MINI CHEESE PIES 8.00€ Everyone’s favorite! Mizithra cheese mixed with eggs, milk, a handful of semolina and rolled in freshly made filo pastry. Honey and sesame on the top are 'the icing on the cake'!

PIE OF THE DAY 7.00€ Spinach pie, courgette pie, sweet pumpkin pie and more recipes for you to try. Depending on what our beautiful garden provides us with each time of the season, our pies recipes vary.


LOCAL WINE 8.00€/kilo Rose, Red, White



BEERS 2.50€



MOUSSAKA 8.00€ Layers of aubergines covered with local minced meat, smooth creamy béchamel sauce and fresh grated cheese.

PRAWNS 15.00€ King size fresh prawns cooked with garlic, local white wine and lemon, an unforgettably juicy dish!

STEW 12.00€ - 15.00€ A traditional recipe of slow cooked beef - rabbit, stewed in a rich red vinegar sauce with, shallots, bay leaves and cinnamon sticks.

KLEFTIKO 80.00€ Slow cooked roasted lamb, stuffed with chopped garlic, fresh oregano, salt and pepper. Served with lemon potatoes and Greek salad. Serves min 4 people so please make sure that you have placed your order for our delicious Kleftiko dish.

FISH 15.00€ Fresh grilled sea bream with lemon & virgin olive oil vinaigrette served with seasonal salad. According to what the sea offers each season, we can serve mussel rice, fish soup and other recipes.

MEATBALLS 8.00€ Home made meatballs from local meat with a mixture of organic herbs in fresh tomato sauce.

GIGANTES 7.00€ Large butter beans baked in the oven with chopped onions and fresh tomato juice.

BRIAM 7.00€ A mixed of summer greens baked in the oven with garlic, onions and herbs in white lemon sauce.

DOLMADES 8.00€ Mixed herbs with rice wrapped in vine leaves with lemon sauce.

AUBERGINE 6.00€ Baked aubergine covered with fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, olive oil and spices. Served with “broken” homemade local cheese!

*Note that vegetarian, vegan and pie fish recipes vary by season.